The London Stock Exchange (LSE), founded in 1773, is the largest UK stock exchange and the largest in Europe. The London Stock Exchange offers investors access to the shares of thousands of British and other companies, as well as financial securities. Of the most important Romanian companies, Fondul Proprietatea, Romgaz and Electrica are listed on both BVB and the London stock exchange in the form of global certificates of deposit (GDR).
In order to know, understand and deepen the way in which British companies, with a rich culture and tradition in the field, develop and develop relations with investors, ARIR organized for its members in London between 25-27.02.2020, through kindness and support Embassy of the United Kingdom of Romania, meetings with representatives of The Investor Relationship Society London.

Electromagnetica, as a founding member of ARIR, was invited to participate in this event with two representatives: Mr. Daniel Rugina and Mr. Mihai Sanda.
On this occasion there was an exchange of experience and good practices, the participants being presented the procedures for approaching the investors, with a special emphasis on the fact that besides their financial information must be presented and non-financial information. , corporate, environmental and social governance. Also, the perception studies were considered which is a useful way to know the investors’ opinion about their own company and the ways / proposals to improve the activity. On this occasion, the symbols of the capital market such as the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq were also visited.