Our MISSION, for the both, top management and ELECTROMAGNETICA employees, is to deliver performant solutions based on new technologies to fully satisfy our customers and to respond to the expectations of all stakeholders in a reasonable way by seeking and opening new roads in Technical field and business.
Consistent with this mission, we have assumed new business areas and made efforts to develop in these directions, achieving remarkable results:
ELECTROMAGNETICA was the first phone producer in Romania in 1930, first power meters producer in 1948, first LED lighting systems producer in 2010 and among the firsts who received power supply licenses in 2001, but also owner of micro-power plants , that means producer of renewable energy from 2006.
We started from electromechanical meters and we succeed to produce digital meters with telegraphy systems that allow the distributor, but also the user to control the quality and amount of energy supplied.
We have begun designing and manufacturing LED lighting from scratch, and we succeed to realize and supply performant systems for indoor and outdoor lighting, characterized by an efficiency greater than 120 lumen / watt, which generates savings at electricity consumption of about 60%.
We have built from scratch the Photometric Laboratory that has been accredited by RENAR, which allows us to keep track of the lighting performance of our products and to make measurements for others.
We have consistently invested in producing “green” energy to increase efficiency in the use of renewable resources, while preserving an unpolluted environment.
We have developed the molding and plastic injection sectors to meet the demands of the automotive industry.


Our VISION for the realization of the assumed mission is to develop mainly the products and methods resulted from our own research and design activity.
Through its strategy, ELECTROMAGNETICA intend to extend into complementary areas with high growth potential, ensuring the superior capitalization of development research resources and its technological base. The company also plans to maintain a high degree of integration and flexibility of production, the reinvestment of profits, with financing mainly from its own sources, a balanced diversification of activity and the risk balancing.
ELECTROMAGNETICA assumes responsibility for everything that it produces, in full respect of the law, of its customers and of other interested parties, ensuring products and service support on the market during both, the warranty and post-warranty period.
In our view, the state authorities should support Romanian investors by elaborating normative acts aimed to contributing to the development of their activities, especially those of research and development and production which lead to new jobs and to the young people employment according their professional training.
We believe that only in this way the added value created in Romanian activities based on the work of Romanian citizens will help 100% to consolidate the national budget and to increase the quality of our lives.


THE VALUES that permanently define and shape the identity of the company and the organizational culture are:
Creativity: we are innovative and we strive to apply the latest technology and the most appropriate solutions;
Business ethics: is the foundation of our commercial relationships, characterized by honesty, integrity, communication and mutual trust;
Collaboration: we have a proactive attitude towards customer needs by providing them with quality products and services that add value to them through direct and indirect long-term benefits;
Responsibility: we act responsibly for protecting the environment, safety, health and personal development of employees, creating an integrated and competitive business environment, community social and cultural development;
Trust in ourselves: we believe that team work, together with the capitalization of our own experience and resources, gives us the strength to fulfill our mission and the sustainable development of the company;
Adaptability: we constantly adapt to market requirements, looking for and discovering new opportunities, but constantly focusing on customer needs and expectations.
Our success, proved by longevity over 80 years, is largely due to the promoted values, to the adopted strategy and to the fact that ELECTROMAGNETICA has looked and will look into the future!

Organizational Chart