Main Activities

Main Activities2018-02-10T15:10:23+00:00

    1. Research and production of electrical and electronic equipment
    2. Research and production of plastic injection molds
    3. Design and production of LED lighting solutions
    4. Production of electricity metering equipment
    5. Production of electricity from renewable sources and electricity supply

    Main categories of products and services

    ● Equipment designed for supply, distribution and measurement of electricity: meters and smart metering systems
    ● LED lighting equipment
    ● Plastic injection molds and plastic deformation cold
    ● Automotive parts
    ● Equipment designed for rail safety
    ● Elements and automation equipment

    ● electrical and mechanical design
    ● Installation, commissioning, technical support and service for own products
    ● Design and execution of electrical installations for civil and industrial construction, air or underground, at rated voltage of 0.4 kV ÷ 20 kV

    Technological Capabilities
    ● Automatic lines for surface mounting of electronic components (SMD)
    ● Molds and dies manufacturing
    ● Cold Metal Processing
    ● Welding assembly lines
    ● Plastic injection molding

    ● Laboratories:
    – Metrological test of meters

– Photometry and EMC

Organizational Chart