Electromagnetica SA owns 10 sites located in Suceava River Basin, namely: CHEMP Ehreşte, CHEMP Brodina 1, CHEMP Brodina de Jos, CHEMP Brodina 2, CHEMP Sadău, CHEMP Putna, CHEMP Bilca 1, CHEMP Bilca 2, CHEMP Bilca 3 and CHEMP Ţibeni.

8 CHEMP sites upgraded and refurbished in the period 2008-2013

CHEMP two new sites: Brodina de Jos – commissioning 2010, Brodina 2 – commissioning 2011

ANRE license electricity producer – 2007

Concept refurbishment

Measurement parameters and recalculating power: Gross falling, falling net debit installed, installed power;

Optimizing installed flow duration curve taking into account the carrying capacity of the transportation pipeline and flow turbines;

Increasing captured by changing the flow of constructive solutions capture outlets;

Watershed restoration and increased their compensation;

Replacing existing turbines, hydro old and outdated with us;

Full automation and power control system implementation, data acquisition and SCADA control for manned shift operation and remote control of power;

Design and realization of certain communications systems, using modern technologies, in order to transmit the necessary technological parameters to the SCADA system (water level compensating basins, equipment status, etc.);

Redesign of uvraje that meet environmental protection requirements imposed by legislation (fish ladders, exhaust flow servitude, evacuation waters, shoreline protection, etc.);

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