Overview Electromagnetica

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Who we are

Founded on November 27, 1930 under the name of “Romanian Electrotechnical Standard”, ELECTROMAGNETICA was established as the main telecommunication equipment manufacturer in Romania.

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Object of activity

  1. Electrical and electronic equipment
  2. LED lighting solutions
  3. Electric cars charging stations
  4. Plastic injection moulding
  5. Design
  6. Electronic, plastic mettalic products and subasamblies subcontracting
  7. Production of electricity from renewable sources and electricity supply
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Our policy

Policies on quality, environment, health and safety at work, social responsibility, respect for human rights, ethics and business integrity

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Mission, Vision, Value

The evolution of recent technologies has highlighted the issue of monitoring and improving energy consumption, as its dependence has become increasingly bigger. Our desire is to help the process of capitalizing on our clients’ business, becoming the ideal partner when the subject of enlightenment through efficient and modern methods is brought into discussion.

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Organizational Chart